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assurance marchandisesThe insurance of the goods transported is the unique solution to guarantee the consignments of a loader during their transport. This is an obligatory passage for which it is possible to take out an insurance policy contract or to directly negotiate risk coverage with the carrier.

Although he is responsible for the goods entrusted, it remains limited and framed. Indeed the carrier is generally insured, but he has subscribed to an insurance policy which guarantees him for his responsibility in case of loss and damage but the compensation is confined to the obligations fixed by the international conventions in case of disaster.

As a result, the reimbursement of goods is capped when the carrier's liability is established. Thus the compensation paid may be much lower than the real value of lost goods, especially for high value-added products.

Thanks to our partnership your goods transported by Activex logistics international profit of a very competitive rate as it will keep you a peace of mind and also focus you effort on your production.

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