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Transportation North America Canada, United States, Mexico

North America is the world's leading economic power. Industrialized countries, today updated the tertiary sector and relying heavily on innovation, the United States is also rich in natural resources and a major exporter of cultural goods.

Maritime services in America

Activex Logistics International designs and manages your transport of goods, in import or export, with the following countries:

  • United States (United States)
  • Canada
  • Mexico

Multiple options and modes of transport:

  • Transport of goods by sea
  • Transport of goods by air
  • Carriage of goods by road

The organization of your transport is planned according to your need:

  • Modes of transport adapted to your goods: rail, road, river, air, sea.
  • Possibility of storage of your goods, at departure or arrival at the port of destination

Traceability of your transport: validation of your goods, follow-up, follow-up of boarding, validation of arrival at your addressee ...

  • In groupage for partial batches (LCL)
  • In full containers (FCL)

Transportation South America

Import-export of goods in South America

South America is made up of 13 countries: Guyana, Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Suriname, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Guyana.

Options and modes of transport SOUTH AMERICA:

  • Transport of goods by sea
  • Transport of goods by air

Central America is made up of 8 countries: Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico.

Trade with Central America

The value of international trade in Central American products with the world has evolved very favorably in recent years.

Our forces

  • Control of the legislation of each country and its advice or necessary steps, according to the incoterms
  • Depending on your needs, we offer guarantees
  • We have set up a network of high quality partner professionals
  • Our local experts certify the arrival at your destination of your goods
  • Great confidence in our professionalism and skills

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