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About us

STIG international logistics is a national and international forwarder that manages the transport of a commodity when it must meet one or more successive transport changes. Simply put, STIG international logistics supports a good deal of transport logistics.

- STIG Logistics

About STIG Logistics / international freight forwarder

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You need to :

  • • Transport one or more goods to an international destination: Europe, Africa, Asia ...?
  • • Ensure your move abroad?

 You need a forwarding partner that meets its commitments as a service and time. Specialist in international transport and transit, he must master road, sea and air transport and ensure the administrative and customs formalities, both import and export of all types of goods.

 Trust an experienced professional in international transport. STIG Logistics is created for you.

Our main values:

  • • A perfect knowledge of the trades of the sector
  • • Speed and efficiency
  • • Professionalism based on reliability
  • • Cost competitiveness
  • • Customized logistics

For imports or exports, STIG Logistics is a complete file, which includes:

- The bill of lading (or good of loading).

- The packing (or "packing list"), which lists all the goods to be transported.

- The commercial invoice.

- The certificate of origin of each commodity, which certifies that the exported products have been produced, manufactured or processed in a specific country. This certificate is unrelated to the country whose goods are being shipped.

- Obtaining certificates, allowed if necessary.

- Compliance with customs regulations.

- The administrative and financial procedures concerning the personnel.

- Legal issues (regulations, litigation, etc.).

- Insurance formalities.

- The management of documentary credits (or letters of credit).

- Tax representation, etc.

Why choose us :

  • • We know that by using our Transportation Services, you have everything to gain: an improvement in your efficiency and your operation.
  • • We offer you a complete range of services, from packaging to the guarantee of timely delivery and storage.
  • • Fast service, express delivery, carriers, emergency transportation and exceptional transportation
  • • Available 24 hours a day.

To simplify your transportation logistics, choose STIG logistics international, an international freight forwarder that supports your procurement and shipping process.

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