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No matter the destination and no matter the loading we take care of your goods according to your specific needs


Our warehousing service can greatly simplify the transportation of your Goods. Either for a short or a long duration


Whether you ship often or not, whether you use the sea, road or air, your goods will quickly pass customs


Whatever the mode of transport chosen, the goods are exposed to many risks, so it is important to be well insured


The logistics strategy services we offer are supported by our extensive experience obtained from previous assignments and strong analytical skills.

STIG Logistics offers solutions and services to meet all your needs.

International transport

Our specialty is freight transportation across North America.

North American transport

Several lots of goods and also goods to ship them in the same container.


Our service is staffed by a professional team that organizes end-to-end.

Logistics consulting

The insurance is the solution guaranteed the consignments of a loader during their routing.


Storage allows you to store goods safely and away from cold and moisture.


International Freight Forwarder

STIG Logistics / Freight Forwarder International is proud to be your single point of contact. Recognized as a leading supply chain partner, Thanks to our global agent network, present in the main international ports and airports, we always manage the import and export formalities for your goods. Guaranteeing the continuity of the transport chain.

How to become our customer and the steps after?




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STIG Logistics / Transitaire International

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